Britfume, with no headache of being tied to any traditional designing methodology, is presented all-new, as fresh as it smells; thanks for the freedom.

With the negative space of the letter ‘U’ we’ve made a bottle. A spraying cap is the only additional element we’ve used to make the bottle illusion and fumes have been represented with the dots above, giving life to the whole unit.

Why particularly the letter ‘U’ handpicked for a bottle to be within? It emphasises the customer, THE YOU, to be the product’s ambassador. Also, the fragrance within the same ‘YOU’ is the confidence element of ambassadorship.

A metallic colour base is used with the freedom to adopt any hue, to connect with each flavour that’ll be produced further, aiming at each category.

Creating a new trend in styling typography, Britfume stands unique among others.

Some sample mock-ups are given to get an idea of its true-to-life experience.


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